Inspirational Message

May Inspirational Message

Our behaviors determine our level of consciousness. Where we invest our thoughts directs our actions. Have you ever considered either of these two statements? What are you placing importance on in your life? All is energy, a vibration of a particular frequency and in being energy our thoughts are real things that manifest in our lives. I invite you to consider the possibility that the energy you surround yourself with is directly affecting your reality, even producing the results you are experiencing in your life. Consider how you may be influencing your life, creating your story through the thoughts you think, the movies you watch, the books you read and the manner in which you interact with those around you. 
You are capable of creating what you want in your life through your behaviors. If you are surrounding yourself with the vibrations of love, joy, prosperity, health, and peace, that is the energy that you carry an aspect of in your consciousness. If your worldview is one of us versus them, you are carrying that consciousness with you in all things. 
By beginning to open ourselves to our true nature of Love we may begin to create an energy field of joy and love. When we surround ourselves with like-minded people, use more selective discernment in the choices we make and become ever mindful of our thoughts and where our energy is being directed, we are establishing a vortex of a higher spiritual path. As we allow for these feelings to become dominant in our thinking we expand our consciousness to a higher plane of abiding tranquility in the Oneness that we are with Source.