Inspirational Message

August Inspirational Message

The Grace of Prayer
The question of why we pray and meditate comes up from time to time. Many of us learned to pray as children and it is a habit that has remained. Others of us have experienced an on and off relationship with prayer. For many of us meditation was not a part of our original religious training and it is a practice we have acquired. 
I know that prayer has always been a practice that I’ve engaged in whether intentionally or not; one that doesn’t require a special time or place and for me that has evolved over time. A friend is developing some daily “I AM” cards and one that resonated with me is “I AM PRAYER IN MOTION”
YES, this is how I now feel about and relate to prayer. 
As I go about my day, I find that many times I am whispering a prayer for myself or others. It may be when I hear an ambulance or sitting in stalled traffic. It is always before I engage with the next person on my schedule or as a “thank you” when I wake up and an expression of gratitude as I review my day.  My words reflect my thoughts or concerns at that time and reassure me Spirit is near and that I AM.
I find that whatever I need is waiting for me in prayer. Whether it be courage, peace, strength, or comfort, I know the gifts of Spirit are mine. I AM grateful for this practice and for the grace that prayer is for me. 
This is part of what led me to become a Prayer Chaplain. What are you being led to do? 
Your Unity Prayer Chaplain