Inspirational Message

October Inspirational Message

You Already Have It All
The universe functions according to a set of well defined Universal Laws, which are neutral. That is, they will work for anyone when applied consistently and correctly. These laws are metaphysical manifestation from Source or God. They are the Devine Ideas on which the universe functions. We perceive an idea from the Absolute realm of Devine Ideas and express it in the relative realm as the idea from which we manifest in the physical. While this manifestation is commonly thought of as being material, it may also be a concept or one of the 12 Powers, from which we can draw strength and power. These ideas may provide a source of comfort and peace for us. As a pathway to assist us in actualizing our practical Christianity, these powers which are available to us, create the framework for an abundant and prosperous life.
The path to prosperity is two-fold. It may be either an outward (material) or an inner (spiritual) journey. Living in the physical plane we must work with the material while balancing it with the inner (spiritual) to find the middle way. The middle way of balance may be thought of as finding our center still point. That is the "I of the Storm". In functioning from this place of tranquility and peace we exist in the world of the material. It is through this balance that we are able to apply the Law of Increase. This law is that we use what we have in order to increase or expand: as in our expanding consciousness.
In an expanded consciousness we may focus on the inward path to prosperity and negate the outward view of lack. Taking this inner or Spiritual approach results in our more directly working with Divine Ideas, the Source of all things. Recognizing this Truth opens our lives to true abundance. In approaching this we may find guidance in contemplating the question, " Where do you place your faith?'. 
Faith placed in the unchanging Absolute realm of Divine Ideas or God, results in a realization that we are never sperate from Source, because we are an individualized expression of that Presence. We already are the I Am and do, in reality, have the potential to be/ have all we desire. It is through recognition and allowing our inner Light to shine and to be the Love that we are, that we experience the Christ consciousness in ourselves and the other. Prosperity is found by turning within and recognizing who we are. Conscious alignment with Divine Flow creates a prosperous life in both the mundane and in the Spiritual by our acknowledging God as our Source of all things for our higher good.