Inspirational Message

September Inspirational Message

STOP + Take a Breath and BE...

Magnifying time... Yikes, how does one get more time?   We always seem to need more time, and with our current technology, everything happens so fast...

Time... how might we increase and enhance time? Well, we increase time, not by sleeping less nor by working more... not by making notes nor ticking off tasks from our “TO-DO” List.  Ah, we magnify time when we STOPTake a breath, pull the plug on the work cycle, lift our head from the barrage of work, and BE

Ah... Magnify Time = STOP + Take a breath + BE.  Try this for 2-3 short minutes, and if it doesn’t work, you have permission to get back on time’s “tread mill”; by stopping and taking a breath, we align our “busy” selves with our True Selves.  We are creators of what we do, what we experience and how our lives unfold.  We are Divinely created to have all we need, to function in a serene manner and to manifest effortlessly.  We are miracles of manifestation... we are infinite possibilities... we are capable of magnifying time as we remember who we are.  Our consciousness is our Divine connector.

By STOPPING the activity and taking a breath, we connect to our True Nature, Our Divine Potential.  With the breath, comes the knowingness of calmness, of oneness, of connection.  No other being has this Infinite Potential.  We can affirm the Truth of our Being, state the desired outcome and BE in the flow.  Flow, one says?  Yes, we are energy and also we create the energy that surrounds and supports us. This is ironic, right?  We are both in the flow and create the flow.

As we STOP, Breath and BE, we claim the space and create more time with calmness, serenity and a sense of gratitude.  We notice the control we have over our time; we also realize that the more time we spend in this state of Divine Oneness, the more support we get from the Universe.  Synergy is everywhere...phones ring, arrangements are made, opportunities manifest.  So, prayer is a magnifier of time; gratitude is a multiplier of time, consciousness is our Divine connector.    

Your Unity Chaplain