Inspirational Message

July Inspirational Message

Are you struggling with physical ailments, emotional problems, relationships?
Know that your body and mind are from God and they are perfect and complete even if we are suffering. Under the suffering we are perfect spirits. Knowing this is the difficult part! When we’re sick, all we can focus on is our illness and our discomfort. When we’re emotionally upset, all we focus on is our discomfort with ourselves or another.
       The quickest way back to “feeling good” is to find that “God place” within us that is our spirit. Whether we are suffering physically or emotionally, we are never suffering spiritually! The spirit within us cannot suffer. It does not know the meaning of the word. Our spirits are perfect, whole and complete. How do we find that place? Pray and meditate. Find a quiet place each morning or evening, and be still. Know that we can feel God in the silence. Focus on the silence. Feel it’s calmness, its emptiness of earth noises, and let your mind be quiet. Think of someone you have compassion for; it might be yourself, and feel your heart opening. Pick a word to concentrate on, maybe “Peace,” and repeat it over and over until the mind thoughts (monkey mind) begin to disappear. And feel the calm and know you are a perfect child of God. This is meditation. Begin with 5 minutes and work up to 10, 20…..!! The sky’s the limit!!!
      Your prayer is an affirmation of your “wellness” and well-being. We affirm that we are healed, that we are indeed healed in all areas of our lives. We know that we are perfect children of God and in that fact is the knowingness that God made us and will not desert us. We need only stay in touch with God through prayer and meditation to reap the rewards that we were meant to have. So start your prayer and meditation program today and know freedom!!
Unity of Dallas offers meditation classes on Monday evening at 7PM.