Inspirational Message

May Inspirational Message

For Lo, the winter is past
The rains are over and gone
The flowers appear on the earth 
The time of singing has come
[Paraphrased from Song of Solomon]
As children, did any of you dance around a May pole singing this as a song?  Some of us did…and what a fun way to celebrate the month of May and all that nature gives us this month!
Dr. Donald Curtis and his wife Dorothy Curtis [Co-founders of Unity of Dallas on Forest Lane], collaborated on a book titled Songs of the Soul.  In it is written a poem called Nature Spirits: 
Teeming life individualized in every living thing,
Harbinger of vital forces distilled from
The One Life which lives in all,
Ephemeral creatures of love, energy and light,
Thank you for our garden world of life.
Many of us just last month celebrated Earth Day – What a wonderful planet we are privileged to live on -right? 
As a songwriter, Paul McCartney wrote many songs.  Among them was one that most of us are familiar with – Let it Be.  In the song is a line he was quotes as singing “When I find myself in times of trouble. Mother Mary comes to me/ Speaking words of wisdom, “Let it be…” I, for one and don’t believe that I am alone in this idea, thought that Paul was speaking about Jesus’ Mom.  He has said that this idea was in error – that while many times we are inspired by Jesus’s Mother image, “Mary”, He was really thinking about his own mother whose name was also Mary.  Many of us are Moms and male or female, we all have or had one. 
May is also the month that we celebrate Mom’s and Mom’s love.  This year the 2nd Sunday of May is the designated day to do this.  I like to remember that our movement of Unity World Wide has also celebrated Myrtle Fillmore as our Mother of Unity.  
Mothers have given their hearts’ best to the children they have reared. 
The love of these children means to them almost everything that is worthwhile
That is what she said about being a mother. 
We all surely want to store up blessings for future generations.  We want to have our lives marked by excellence and integrity.  As we do our best to make right choices [trying to do the next right thing], and take steps of faith, we are gratified, usually, to see our children doing the same. 
Rev. Ellen Debenport has a paragraph in a recent Unity booklet that says so much:  
Every human is divine. 
We are the image of God and have access to the divine attributes of God –love, wisdom, zeal, imagination and more.  
I call upon the power and strength of my higher self, the Christ presence within. 
A good goal for this month.