Inspirational Message

March Inspirational Message

So much is going on in the outer world; our news media is full of items that get our attention.  We are bombarded by facts and details. Yikes, it is a lot to process.
And, in Truth, there is only One Presence that we need to heed.  Our Inner Spirit is ever present providing Love, Wisdom and Strength.  Our Inner Power is our Divine Mind and connects us to all we ever require. 
You may wonder how we can manage with all the earthly distraction we encounter.  In the outer world, we experience personal fears of health, wealth, changing weather and relationships.
In a calm manner, we note the outer distractions, like the news items, neighbors’ gossip, family issues. We acknowledge them. They (distractions) are there.  They may be real.  They may change.  They are not permanent.  They are not “who we are”.  We are more than these issues.  We are Divine Beings having a Human Experience.
And with our Power and Will, we elect to focus on the Truth of all:  “There is only One Presence, One Power active in my Life...”   We identify with our Truth, that we are Divinely Created and have within us the Power to use our  Jesus mind to direct our thought; what we dwell on increases.  In Unity, this is called the Law of Attraction or Mind Action.
Wouldn’t it be best to Think of God, instead?  In Myrtle Fillmore’s How to Let God Help You, (p.117) she mentions that “Mind is omnipresent, and it is through letting the same Mind that is Christ Jesus be in us that we transcend the limitations of the material”.  In the Bible, (Mt. 21:22), Jesus said “All things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”  Prayer and belief are required.  We focus our mind on the end result, asking, and we receive. We focus on the good outcome, and keep our thoughts on our positive results. 
We note the happenings in the world, and we turn our prayers and thoughts to the Truth of our Divine Nature.  We control our inner peace and increase the strength of our intentions through prayer and meditation. We are steadfast and focused on our Truth.
And it is so.