Inspirational Message

July Inspirational Message

Continuing to Cultivate Consciousness – A Chaplain’s Thought:
What is our Life’s purpose? Well, there are many purposes:  to exude love and happiness, to be fit and healthy, to be an inspiration of love and light, to create a life of abundance and joy, and to stay in the “state of gratitude”, such that we continue to create these Blessings.  “Greater that what I have done, will you do”, said Jesus to his disciples.  “You already have the Kingdom within...” These promises are our part of our Spiritual Heritage.  
Now, comes the thought: “How do we create Heaven on earth”?  How do we create our lives to be filled with Blessings, Grace and Favor?  At Unity, we pray and meditate for direction. This is the highest form of creative thought.  Everyone has this ability to get “quite and listen:” within.  As our ideas flow, we are able to see patterns and purpose.  With Prayer, everyone is Divinely Inspired.  By our thinking, we create our reality (or not) by what we call Mind Action.  As we think, so it is.
We become a vessel of positive energy and ideas, which creates a synergy for more of the same.  To get more, success, love, light and joy, we learn to give more of the same.  To give is to receive; to be a source of love requires learning to love.  As in tithing, the more you give, the more you receive.
Also, we remain in the state of Gratitude, which creates the Divine Flow of more... We are to “have thankful hearts” in all we do. We maintain a “mind-ful connection with Spirit” in all our activities.  We are led, inspired and blessed for which we are thankful. 
What have we done?  We have Continued to Cultivate our Christ-Consciousness. This simple phrase is available to each person who so wishes to live on purpose and attain his Divine Potential.  Shall we make it our Life’s purpose?  Shall we all Cultivate our Christ-Consciousness?  Let’s pray, meditate and exude gratitude and magnify our Blessings.   
Your Unity Chaplain