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Gary was my son. He passed away in June of 1977. He has been a part of so many spiritual experiences for me. There is one especially that I recall.

It was in the first October after his passing. My husband and I were on a flight to Miami. It was overcast. When we got up above the clouds, we could see rolling, beautiful thunderhead clouds beneath us. It was something to see.

As I looked out at them, I thought to myself that it looked just like a lot of snow. With the sun reflecting off of them, it reminded me of how we used to play with the kids out in the snow. We are always doing that up north. As I was sitting there, I thought, “Gary would love this. Gary, I am sure that you were out there someplace.”

All of a sudden, as I was sitting there, looking at the clouds, and having this mental conversation with myself, I clearly felt Gary kiss me. I could actually feel his kiss, the lips upon my cheeks.

I looked around at my husband. He was talking to another passenger and not even looking my way. In fact he was, he was sitting on the aisle, with a seat in between us.

I just knew that Gary had kissed me. it was like he was saying, ”I am here Mom.” It was such a beautiful experience. I have taken him with me ever since.

Note: What does the story have to do with angels? Maybe the angels were only acting as vehicles of passage in the clouds to help son–Gary, make a connection? My friend certainly felt as if son–Gary’s extended life in a different dimension of consciousness brought a message of hope and peace–which is one function of angels.


Billye Jones


Excerpt from Angel Power, Angel Love. Other books by Billye are The Essence of Loving and Women Pioneers in 12 Step Recovery.