What is a "Love Offering"?

A "Love Offering" is a monetary donation to the teacher or workshop leader in exchange for the knowledge or experience you are participating in.

Some Love Offerings are "suggested" and others are strictly up to the individaul making it. 

What is "SEE"?

SEE is an acronym for "Spiritual Education and Enrichement".

These are classes offered throughout the year or in weekly batches. These can be taken just for personal knowledge OR for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI) credits as part of the path to be a Licensed  Unity Teacher (LUT) or minister.

What is a "LUT"?

LUT is an acronym for "Licensed Unity Teacher".

These individuals have completed over 350+ hours of spiritual education classes and intensive training to be certified to teach anywhere in the Unity network of spiritual centers and churches to help others on their path and deepen their understanding of spirit.

What is the "NEXT" Desk?

This is our volunteer hub table in the Main Hall at Unity of Dallas. This is where you can sign up to share your time or talents and learn about other opportunities at Unity of Dallas. If you wish to sign up online, click here.