John Webster
John Webster has been called the spiritual rock of Unity of Dallas.

He was certainly the heart of the church. An enthusiastic, early supporter of Unity of Dallas, John was a visionary who dedicated 30 years of love, light, and life to the pastoral care and prayer ministry of our church. He was the calm voice and a true leader whenever the church needed guidance. John’s dedication to the Christ Spirit kept him in constant prayer for people in need. From lovingly holding prayers in the prayer box each Sunday literally, to visiting people in hospitals or sitting with someone personally, he knew the power of prayer. His favorite saying, when it didn’t seem like he was getting through to someone, was, “Let’s get you prayed up!” He also took his prayer ministry to every hospital in the city. He liked to bring a stuffed animal to all the patients he was visiting, no matter what their age. He knew that they needed to not only know someone cared but to find hope in something tangible that they could hold on to.

Encouraged by Dr. Curtis, John began his illustrious career taking classes on a part-time basis and eventually became a licensed Unity teacher. When he retired from his job as Vice President of an insurance company, he opened his own agency and was very successful. He then sold his business and with the help of his wife Abbie, a Mary Kay Executive, John was financially able to devote all of his time to his pastoral and prayer ministry. He was ordained in 2001 after 30 years of love and prayer.

John was definitely a light for Unity and the world. A gentle soul who touched everyone he met. The greatest gift we can give to John’s memory is to strive to follow his example and let our own Christ Spirit shine through.
If you would like to honor John’s memory with a charitable donation, please contact the Unity of Dallas Endowment Fund for more information.