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Though God, God only, can create,
I till and weed, and then I wait,
And in the thicket of my thought
Bloom flowers that I never wrought.
I stand in wonder and behold
Beauty I never sowed unfold,
Visions of faith, insights of love,
Truths that I had no forethought of.

Somehow there is in me yet more
Than I myself might settle for,
A faith that brings perfection out
Past my own powers. I have no doubt
One day all unexpectedly
The rose of Christ shall bloom in me.


James Dillet Freeman


Rev. James Dillet Freeman (1912–2003) was an internationally acclaimed poet, author, and lecturer. Unity created a retrospective of his writings in a booklet titled “I Am God’s Song”. He wrote The Story of Unity, and many of his poems and writings were collected in the 2004 book Angels Sing in Me.