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THE only way to become permanently prosperous and successful is through the quickening, awakening, and bringing into righteous use of all the indwelling resources of Spirit. When we develop our soul and express its talents and capabilities in loving service to God and mankind, all of our temporal needs will be supplied in bountiful measure. We have access to the realm of rich ideas; we enrich our consciousness by incorporating these rich ideas into it. A rich consciousness always demonstrates manifest prosperity. 

“The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke. 17:21) Jesus said, “Seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” This means that we are to find the wealth of capabilities and spiritual resources within us, and bring them into expression. When we develop the power to accomplish things and the qualities that we need in order to accomplish them, our success will be irresistible. 

We must depend wholly upon the inner kingdom of supply and the indwelling Christ, for this inner way is the only way to receive permanently. We are to cease depending upon outer, material avenues for prosperity, because when we look to the outer we look away from the one resource that is within us. 

Prosperity is the result of complying with definite laws that are revealed by the Spirit of truth within. Those who are prosperous and successful are the people who have a rich consciousness. They open their minds to rich ideas, and then cash in on these ideas in an outer way. The men who are famous and successful are the ones who have developed their innate abilities and used the success-producing ideas that have come to them. 

Sometimes we begin at the wrong end of the prosperity line, and our methods need changing. Perhaps we try to accumulate money to meet our temporal needs without first laying hold of the equivalent of money on the inner planes of consciousness. This inner equivalent consists of our rich ideas, our innate capabilities and resources of Spirit. 

One great help in realizing permanent prosperity is to come into the realization that we do not work to earn money to meet our expenses! This is a delusion of mortal mind. In reality, in earning money we are expressing the God-given faculties and powers to bless others, and to keep our part of the divine law of giving and receiving. The supply is a gift of God and is ours because it is a part of His plan. We are to accept it in faith as such. Expect it to come, and it will. 

Myrtle Fillmore 

Myrtle Fillmore was one of the founders of the Unity movement, which was founded in Kansas City, Missouri in 1889 after Mrs. Fillmore had been cured of her tuberculosis, she believed, by spiritual healing. This resulted in the Fillmores'(both Charles and Myrtle) studying spiritual healing, and being influenced by Emma Curtis Hopkins. This gradually developed into the Unity movement as the Fillmores attempted to share their insights through magazines, books, and pamphlets and through “Silent Unity,” a telephone and mail service that offered people help through prayer and counseling.