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“The light in one awakens it in all. And when you see it in each other, you are remembering for everyone “—A Course in Miracles – Manual for Teacher 28.2

See that all things—not some, not one, but all—are in light. And as ACIM says, within that light is their purpose and our purpose transformed. The change is in our minds, not externally.  

Though external things can change, the real purpose is for our mind to change. Things need to be transformed in our thoughts and brought to the light. Light does not change, it shines throughout time and space, and beyond both into eternity.

You have a spark of the great rays of light within, and our goal on Earth is to uncover this spark within our minds and grow it, as it becomes a blazing light embracing all within its realm with love, deep peace, and eternal joy.

Remember, the light shines back to you as well. Many times, I think it is easier for us to see the good in others than it is to see the light within ourselves. Uncovering that darkness and bringing it into the light is part of our journey. It is how we grow in our perception and understanding. Your transformation begins with your mind.

Our eyes behold mainly differences in this world: different shades of light, different people, different countries. The list is endless, as we try to break light into smaller pieces; but really this is breaking darkness further, for light cannot be broken, and so your spirit cannot be broken. It is eternal, it is one with God, unchanging, all powerful, omnipotent, glorious, loving, and extending forever.

Today, as you go out, remember this and hold this perspective in your mind. Think of the light within others, and the light within you. Let them join as one brilliant eternal light today. 

Mark Helm 

Mark is the author of Live in One Light, Peace Matters. and Poems and Thoughts of Light, all available at