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Do you recognize God?

When He shows up on the scene

And are you aware that it is Him

In the very smallest of things 


It may be a beautiful butterfly

Or in the form of a pup

Possibly some angel clouds in the heavens

If you happen to look up 


Just open up your heart

And be receptive to what you see

He could appear as almost anything

If you willing to trust and believe 


It is truly your decision

Just yours and your alone

Rather you wish to share your life with Him

Or try to survive on your own 


It seems invariably

He shows up at just the right time

Perhaps at a crossroads in your life

When you might feel like you’re losing your mind 


They are the salvation

That we can seek every day

Just another soul signpost

To direct us along the way 


It touches my heart and mind

When I observe those that are all alone

For if they continue on that path

It will be like their epitaph written in stone 


So daily I wait for my share

Of signs from God and others

These gentle little reminders

From my many sisters and brothers 


Stephen Daingerfield Dunn  

author of: Divinely Different – a Tribute to Santa Fe, A Day in the Life of a Raindrop, Bug Dreams, A Little Boy from Nowhere Texas, Christmas with Mr. Dunn, In God‘s Eyes, Can You Possibly Imagine, Designing with Mr. Dunn, The Book of Doe, Animals Anonymous