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Welcome to Unity

Where you can worship and pray

And every 24 hours

Is a sacred and blessed day 


We love and embrace God

Who always lives within

And Jesus is our way-shower

On that you can most surely depend 


We meet each and every Sunday morning

Delighted to be with the ones we love

It almost feels like our own heaven

Like being in the clouds up above 


Everybody feeling free and joyous

To embrace and hug one another

A building filled with a beautiful tribe

Of open-minded sisters and brothers 


Our sanctuary vibrates with glorious music

And singers who sing wonderful songs

Not to mention good-hearted laughter

As we all stand and harmonize along 


Such an incredible variety of souls

Welcome us from the stage

And we know they speak to everyone

No matter their ethnicity, color or age 


Our minister brings us inspiration

And helps us to remember our worth

Speaking to each and every one of us

Like we were the only human being on this earth  


The lessons we learn are limitless

And the harmony never ends

As we adore and worship every single instant

Of being with our Unity friends! 


Stephen Daingerfield Dunn 

author of: Divinely Different – a Tribute to Santa Fe, A Day in the Life of a Raindrop, Bug Dreams, A Little Boy from Nowhere Texas, Christmas with Mr. Dunn, In God‘s Eyes, Can You Possibly Imagine, Designing with Mr. Dunn, The Book of Doe, Animals Anonymous