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Looking for Your Spiritual Tribe?

Find your tribe in the 9:30 AM Spiritual Growth Class. The Spiritual Growth Class is an interactive spiritual adventure.

Each month introduces a theme, a Spiritual Power, and a Spiritual Practice. Using readings, videos, and discussion, we share and learn from each other on this great adventure called LIFE!

Join us and discover a vibrant and caring group of ordinary people living extraordinary lives! Deepen existing friendships and create new ones in a cohesive, supportive learning environment.

In February, the theme is Possibility, the spiritual practice is Visioning, and the spiritual power is Imagination.

 On 2-Feb, the discussion covers two Unity Articles, “Possibility: Wearing Rose-Colored Glasses”. Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett and “The Basics for Meditative Visioning” by Rev. Bronte Colbert.

On 9-Feb, the discussion covers two Unity Articles, “What’s Your Headline?” by Shawna Todd and “Visioning for a Brand-New Year” by Rev. Felicia Searcy.

On 16-Feb, the discussion covers two Unity Articles, “Create a Meaningful Life” by Martha Lynn and “The Art of Living” by Rev. Carla McClellan.

On 23-Feb, the discussion covers two Unity Articles, “The Law of Visualization” by Eric Butterworth and the Monthly Wrap Up Discussion.