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2024 - A Year of Living Fearlessly

Be brave enough to change.

Strong enough to endure.

Fearless enough to recognize every opportunity.

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February Readings From the Unity Booklet “30 Days to Fearless Living”

February 4

Day 10 - What is Faith?

February 11

Day 11 - If Faith is a Tool, What Does It Do?

February Readings From the Unity Booklet “40 Days - Let Go, Let God”

February 18


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Introduction on Page 4

Page 11 - Jesus Let Go of Human Ego

February 25

Page 20 - Jesus Let Go of Others’ Approval


The Spiritual Growth class is online Sunday Morning from 9:00 to 10:15 AM.
Here's what we do during a regular class session:

  • Short Meditation
  • Check-In and Sharing
  • Reading about the Topic of the Day
  • Journaling
  • More Sharing
  • Prayer

It's a place to grow and learn as we debate and discuss Unity-based material.

Suggested offering is $10 (no one turned away)

Event Facilitator: Lynne Patterson

Contact: Lynne at    


This class is on Zoom:

You will be put into a waiting room before the host lets you in. (If you have trouble, text Lynne at 972-890-1031.)