“There is only One Power and One Presence active in my life, and in the universe, God the good, Omnipotent.”

This is the opening statement spoken every Sunday morning at the beginning of services at Unity of Dallas, and variations are used in many ministries around the world.

Our statement of faith, such that it is, is based on Unity’s first of five principles:  God is absolute good, everywhere present.  This idea is deeply rooted in Unity’s teaching about the nature of the God that is our All, the Beingness that is everywhere present within and around us.  It is in this Divine Life Force that we live and move and have our being.

As we enter the month of April, the month of “April showers bring May flowers,” we could easily look around us seeing thunderstorms of separation, fear, misunderstanding as we deal together with an unknown that has popped into our lives in such a brief period of time. We are indeed human, with the human experience of thoughts of fear, sadness, isolation, loss.

Yet Unity’s second principle claims that we are the very essence of God, created in the image of the Divine.  In fact, we are actually spiritual beings having a human experience!  And this month our human experience is unlike most of us have ever known.  Yet as humankind, we have had these same experiences in the past and out of them have come new ways of understanding the world around us.  With divine intelligence and creativity, treatments are discovered for the physical ailments that impair our bodies. With Divine ingenuity, love, wisdom, strength, faith we move forward through the fog and into the light and we see the consciousness of the world ever evolving towards the truth that all is God and God is in all.  We are each called to release the power of fear and lean into and affirm the power of hope, love, faith. 

We are called to affirm the sacred in each day, to listen for what is ours to do, to step out in faith to do it—even if we are doing it from inside our own homes.  We are divine beings living in human bodies with the knowledge that the Truth is that “There is not a spot where God is not.”  Darkness is the other side of light, sadness the other side of joy.  God is in the midst of all of it, right there with us in the core of our very being.  Let our focus turn to seeing the truth that no thing is against us because there is in truth only good, only God and God is always for our good.  May we each hold this in our heart as we begin each new day, each opportunity to create something new and beautiful and good in our world, for we are imbued with the very creative power of the Divine.

Peace be with you until we meet again!