The best way to thrive during these challenging times is to see everyone as God sees them – made in His image and likeness. Sometimes this involves a shift in one’s consciousness due to one’s focusing on the miscreations, limitations, judgements and fears coming from the media, friends, family and/or other sources with which one is surrounded these days; however, one has the power of will within oneself to make this needed shift, and if you are having a problem making this shift, simply ask God, the angels, (or whoever/whatever it is that inspires you), in prayer to teach and guide as to how. The love of God is within us all and it is the greatest healer of all.    

One can’t just ignore the divisive negativity, hate and judgements, that one has seen in the world during this time, but rather than focusing on the negatives, see all those involved as children of God made in His same image and likeness. Some take longer to awaken to the Truth within them. We never know what experiences some have been through that is causing them to react as they do. Perhaps they are expressing in the outer from stories they have been carrying with them from many lifetimes. That does not absolve them from their wrongdoings nor from their miscreations, but one must rise above all that and just love them from their I Am Presence. All the negative stuff one hears about will not end and no change will be forthcoming until humanity takes an active part in the healing by sending love into the world for it is God’s love itself that will transmute what is unlike the Christ within and lead us to a world where one experiences living heaven on earth with love, peace, joy, harmony, compassion, dignity, respect, prosperity and all of God’s goodness. One often forgets that the I Am Presence of Spirit is in everyone, and all are one with that presence even of those who have not awakened to the Truth within them. The change one needs to see in the world today begins with each one of us expressing the beautiful, loving Truth of our Being to love all humanity free.  Just stand in your Truth/Beingness, and all your needs to thrive prosperously will be provided unto you.  Loving blessings in Christ to you.        

“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”   1 Corinthians 13:13