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Hello Friend, 

Have I told you that you are worth your weight in gold?  Your powers are immense. You build me up when I am down, you laugh with me at life’s hysterical moments, and we cry alongside each other when life has reached a point where a friend is needed.  Each of us hurls ourselves into action, picking up the pieces of whatever is in front of us when we see one of us in need.  Seeing one hurting brings us both pain. 

My dear friend how long have we known each other?  When did we meet?  I just do not know, as you have always been by my side. 

We played in the sandbox as tots getting nice and dirty, not understanding why our parents made those funny faces when they picked us up to go home.  You and I camped out all night on the Universities Stadium lawn to get season tickets.  Oh, it was so cold I thought my toes were going to fall off! Little did we know that we would only go to one game the whole season. We were bridesmaids in each other’s weddings and helped calm our mothers down. 

You have accepted me for who I am, and I am who you are. I often feel we are as one. Love is another word for friendship.   Of all the possessions I have in life, you my friend are the most valuable.  My body is stronger from your presence and my mind is clearer after being around you.    

So, what is so magical about all of you my magical solid gold friends?   Let’s look past how sociology, psychology, and medicine might explain this fabulous connection we have, and just say it’s because you are there beside me in person and in thought.  You have made me a better person and I adore you for that. 

Love always, Your Jennifer 

“I wrote this letter to pay homage to the many fabulous friends that have come into my life over the years.  It is a mixture of several experiences and people who have made my life stronger.  In a sense, it is a smile that I am sending on paper with gratitude.” 

Jennifer Enzer  

Jennifer has been involved in Unity since 2009 as a volunteer and member.