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Divine Spirit.  

We gather together from all over the world virtually and in-person, to learn, to share and to lift one another up.  

Let us open our hearts and our minds to the teachings we are experiencing, allowing ourselves to take it in and ask questions to seek truth.  

Bless our journeys to Dallas, our time here as we grow in knowledge and when we leave to return home.  

Let our families and friends be understanding and supportive as we continue on our Paths.  

May our fuzzy Zoom companions not walk across our keyboards and our mute/unmute buttons work when we need them to.  

Let us be grateful for the teachers, technology and talent to gather us all together, beautiful weather and a wonderful experience of Unity principles in action.  

Let us remember to be kind to one another (especially our class hosts) and ourselves as we grow in spirit and check-in to all our classes.  

Let us be patient, remembering to breathe and be present.  

Let us use our time wisely to do our readings, journaling and other class assignments.  

Let our devices and our pens function beautifully, allowing us to capture our notes, ideas and inspirations for future understanding as we create our projects and reflection papers.  

Let our bodies be nourished by healthy choices to fuel our minds and spirits. (And if we need it, our favorite comfort food available.)  

Let us remember to enjoy the beauty around us, to walk, meditate and pray.  

Let us be lights for our community and our planet.  


Jennifer Markley  

Jennifer is a LUT (Licensed Unity Teacher) candidate and author of The Reader’s Journal and The Resources, Tools and Inspiration to Live the Creative Life.