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Coming home from work one afternoon, I was just a few feet from my driveway when a motorcycle officer zoomed by. He had his lights flashing and his siren going.

As he sped past me, I looked up into our driveway. I could see that my daughter’s car wasn’t there. At almost the same instant, I very distinctly, very clearly heard a voice from somewhere around my right shoulder. The voice said, “it’s Christy.”

Christy is my daughter. I knew she was running around that day. She was practicing for drill team and running errands. I thought, “Well?” Almost instinctively, I decided to follow the motorcycle. Although it wasn’t in the direction, I thought Christy would’ve been going, I blindly followed anyway.

I met the ambulance coming back the other way. It had no lights on, no lights flashing. I thought, “Something must be terribly wrong.” I went to see on about the car.

Sure enough, just up ahead was her car. It was lying in a ditch upside down. She had rolled the car as she was going around the curve. She had obviously lost control of the car and the car had propelled itself over the curb and hit a concrete bridge abutment. The car had landed on its roof, and then slid into the abutment on its passenger side. The impact squeezed the car almost in two. The car was just buckled like an accordion. My heart felt like a sledgehammer beating inside my chest. I had trouble getting my breath. Looking at the damage to the car it was hard to imagine anyone surviving the crash.

After I identified myself as Christy’s mother, the police officer at the scene told me that they had already loaded her into the ambulance. He said they were taking her to the hospital to be checked, but that, incredibly she seemed to ever survived the crash and be unhurt.

Later at the hospital when I asked how she had managed to get out of the car, she said, “One of my friends pulled me out. Tom pulled me out.”

We wanted to thank him for what he had done, so we approached as he waited in the hospital hallway. He said he wasn’t there, and that he didn’t do it! He was the first person to be at the scene of the wreck. He even remembers being the first one to help her. I remember seeing him there when I stopped to speak to the police. But he swears that when he got there, she was already out of the car.

To this day, Christy will say, “I know that he was there. He was just excited and doesn’t remember.” Tom says that he didn’t come up until afterwards. He said that no one was around when he got there, but that Christy was laying outside the car.

I believe the only way that Christy could have gotten out of the cars with angelic help. If you had seen with the car looked like, you would understand. It was completely totaled. She had to have received help in order to come through that kind of a wreck without being hurt. At the scene, we could all smell gasoline. With the car flipped over, it was dripping everywhere. You could smell it. I don’t know why I didn’t catch fire. There had to have been help from an angel who got her out of the wreckage.

I felt like it was an angel that told me to go to Christy. I think that another Angel was sent to watch out for her and to get her out of the car. He was the only way that I could explain what happened.

The most wonderful thing about the entire experience is that I didn’t feel any fear. The whole time, it was like I knew that she’s being taken care of. I knew the angel was keeping her safe.

Billye Jones

Excerpt from Angel Power, Angel Love. Other books by Billye are The Essence of Loving and Women Pioneers in 12 Step Recovery.