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My very favorite picture of my mother and father is involved with an experience which I once had. It was a very healing experience for me. It was about forgiveness.

This picture portrays my mother and father as I want to remember them.

it was taken well before their last days of frailty and ill health. They both died at the age of 94. This picture captures them in their healthier, younger days.

For many years, I had experienced a problem with forgiveness where my parents were concerned. This was especially true as it related to my mother. One day, as a part of a meditation, I found myself seeing this photograph in my mind.

There was a pink cloud that appeared in the sky of this picture. It was not a cloud with a great deal of volume. It was a long, flat sort of cloud, as if it were coming forth from deep within the picture.

As I watched, my mother and father left a picture frame and began receding into the cloud. They simply disappeared into this beautiful pink cloud.

About the same time they disappeared into the cloud, at the very front of the picture frame there appeared a very small angel. She had short wings and a tiny halo. The angel was flapping its wings for all it was worth. It was heading for the pink cloud.

As I looked closer, I realized the angel’s face was mine. It was as though I was the angel. As I flew into that cloud to join my parents, the heavens surrounding the cloud burst forth with life. Sun rays shot out in all directions. The cloud billowed and flashed with light.

A voice of great depth and power, I deep and resonate voice, spoke forth from the cloud. It said, “These are my beloved children, and whom I am well pleased.” I knew then that God has no grandchildren. We are all children of God, filled with his peace, and surrounded by his love [when we allow it]. I felt a new and sweet love for my parents as fellow travelers on the spiritual journey we call life. All my memories seem sweetened by the angel of peace that was sent to me that morning. Even though that was an experience, seemingly only in my mind – it has had far-reaching results. Thank you, God.

Billye Jones

Excerpt from Angel Power, Angel Love. Other books by Billye are The Essence of Loving and Women Pioneers in 12 Step Recovery.