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How does the attitude of thankfulness bring the fulfillment of our righteous desires?

  1. The attitudeof thankfulness opens the wayfor the fulfillment of our righteous desires, for thankfulness is the action of both faith and love -- the faith that perceives that good is awaiting our claim, and the love that unifies us with the good we long to manifest in mindbody, and affairs.

"Metaphysicians find that words that express thanks, gratitude, and praise release latent energies of mind and spirit; and the effects of their use follow so quickly that they can almost be identified with the originating words" (Teach Us to Pray 91, 92).

Probably nothing works more quickly to make the mind receptive and responsive to God ideas than gratitude and thanksgiving, for these attitudes of mind fill us with expectancy of the "added things" promised by Jesus (Matt. 6:33).

"True thanksgiving is the soul's recognition of its relation to God, and there is no limit to its capacity" (A More Wonderful You 108).

We find that two things occur when thankfulness fills the mind: first, there is increased growth or expansion in our consciousnes, for we have come to the place of acknowledging God as the source of good and ourselves as His heirs; second, there is a consequent increase in manifestation of this good in body or in affairs. Our recognition of good has prompted our

"attitude of gratitude" and this in turn has opened the way for the manifestation of our desire.

"True thanksgiving may be likened to rain falling upon ready soil, refreshing it and increasing its productiveness" (Prosperity 105).

That thankfulness is vital in the fulfillment of our desire is not a new teaching. Charles Fillmore reminds us of this in his book Jesus Christ Heals 139, when he says:

"The prophets of old knew the power of increase inherent in thanksgiving. 'Praise ye Jehovah' is repeated again and again in the Psalms, because the Psalmist knew that praise and thanksgiving divinely directed tap the mighty reservoirs of infinite Mind."

To sum up: true thanksgiving is knowing the good, seeking the good, speaking only good, expecting only good, and the result of these attitudes is to bring the fulfillment of our righteous desires.

Emilie Cady

Author of Lessons in Truth, A Course of Twelve Lessons in Practical Christianity, How I Used Truth, God, A Present Help and The Best Theology.

Cady was a teacher and an early pioneer in the New Thought movement, Her pamphlet “Finding The Christ in Ourselves” inspired Myrtle and Charles Fillmore and was published in Unity Magazine. “Lessons in Truth” was the first book published by Unity.