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I relish my time together

With my beautiful Spiritual friends

As we share love, joy and hugs

And those good vibes that they send


So much gentle kindness

It soothes my heart and my mind

Just the fact that our caring for one another

Is truly just one-of-a-kind


I impatiently count the days and hours

Until we are back in one another’s arms

Where I feel complete and truly treasured

Without any fear or false alarms


Where it truly does not matter

Who anybody happens to be

Just a world full honest individuals

Treasured by both you and me 


Why can’t this planet follow suit

And forego all of the anger and hate

Give up that foolish action

Where every conversation has to be a debate


No more stomping about

And slinging your fist at the sky

Surely each of us could make a difference

If we all just gave peace a try


I shall continue to affirm and pray

That I will live to see that day

When the majority of us human beings

Can manage to live together in another way


Such a wonder image

That certainly would be worth a try

Best we consider it sooner than later

As our time here rushes by…  


Stephen Daingerfield Dunn


author of: Yorkapedia: A Collection of Verses About The Yorkies In My Life, Divinely Different – a Tribute to Santa Fe, A Day in the Life of a Raindrop, Bug Dreams, A Little Boy from Nowhere Texas, Christmas with Mr. Dunn, In God‘s Eyes, Can You Possibly Imagine, Designing with Mr. Dunn, The Book of Doe, Animals Anonymous