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I've moved away from uncertainty and doubt 

I no longer live at the house called fear 

The rent was too high and it was time to get out 

There is so much more available for me here 

Here in my new home I'll make a fresh start 

Realizing I was being robbed of my purpose, that mindset was a thief 

Goodbye lack and smallness, it was time for us to part 

You can find me over on the corner of destiny and belief 

I'm much happier in my new place 

Now the rooms are filled with gratitude and clarity 

Peace and abundance flow through this  space 

The light shines in through the windows bright with truth and prosperity


Gabrielle Grandell


Gabrielle Grandell, the Gut Goddess, is the owner and founder of Know and Nourish, a Functional Nutrition practice specializing in digestive disorders and autoimmune conditions.