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There are two great motivators in this world: love and hate. Some people would associate hate with fear. If you peel the onion of hate, fear would be one of the layers you would find on the way to the core.  

In the other hand, I hold LOVE. What are some of the layers we would find as we peeled away to the core? There would be the fruits of the Spirit: faith, hope, happiness, joy, PATIENCE, kindness, gratitude…  

One of the things I love and hate about “tests” in life–in the end they all give us the opportunity to find the diamond within us. And we all have a diamond within us.   

Can you remember a time in your life and it seemed as if all hope was lost? Your back was against the wall. Goliath is breathing down your neck and all you have is a sling shot and a stone. For whatever reason instead of giving in, you throw that stone with all of your strength and the mighty Goliath fell to the ground.   

In that moment, you found the diamond you have always been. Sometimes we forget the diamond we are.   

What makes the diamond sparkle with radiance? Is it the hate? Is it the fear? Or is it the love? Hate is darkness within the soul. The darkness keeps us from sparkling in a world which needs sparkle.    

Love, the other great motivator in this world: LOVE CONQUERS ALL.  

A grandson goes to his wise and loving grandmother. “Grandma I keep having this dream, this vision. There are these two wolves and they fight all the time. One wolf is a bad wolf. The other wolf is a good wolf. Grandma, which one wins?” The Grandmother looks at her grandson who she loves very, very much “The one you feed the most.”  

Thoughts feed the heart. From the heart we think. From “think” we speak and move. As we go about our day, when we speak and move which wolf is being fed with our actions and words? Our words and actions effect the world around us. Which world do you want to live in?                 

LOVE                                                                           HATE  


Marcus Santi 

author of Journey of the Son, available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Abebooks and Books–A-Million