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"Sitting in the silence" is not merely a sort of lazy drifting. It is a passive, but a definite, waiting upon God. When you want to do this, take a time when you can, for a little while, lay off all care. Begin your silence by lifting up your heart in prayer to the Father of your being. Do not be afraid that, if you begin to pray, you will be too "orthodox." You are not going to supplicate God, who has already given you things "whatsoever ye desire" You have already learned that before you call He has sent that which you desire; otherwise you would not desire it. 

Do not let waiting in the silence become a bondage to you. If you find yourself getting into a strained attitude of mind or "heady," get up and go about some external work for a time. Or, if you find that your mind will wander, do not insist on concentrating; for the moment you get into a rigid mental attitude you shut off all inflow of the Divine into your consciousness. There must be a sort of relaxed passivity and yet an active taking it by faith. Shall I call it active passivity? 

Do not be discouraged if you do not at once get conscious results in this silent sitting. Every moment that you wait, Spirit is working to make you a new creature in Christ--a creature possessing consciously His very own qualities and powers. There may be a working for days before you see any change; but it will surely come. You will soon get so that you can go into the silence, into conscious communion with your Lord, at a moment's notice, at any time, in any place. 

 H. Emilie Cady

Author of Lessons in Truth, A Course of Twelve Lessons in Practical Christianity, How I Used Truth, God, A Present Help and The Best Theology.  

Cady was a teacher and an early pioneer in the New Thought movement, Her pamphlet “Finding The Christ in Ourselves” inspired Myrtle and Charles Fillmore and was published in Unity Magazine. “Lessons in Truth” was the first book published by Unity.