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This is the first Sunday of Advent, a time in which we light the candle of faith, in our churches and in our hearts. Here is what Eric Butterworth said about faith:

“God is centered in you. God is centered in you always. The question is what is your consciousness centered in? If your thought is centered in materiality, if it's centered in difficulties, if it's centered in the news of the day, it's centered in the idea "Oh my, everything happens to me," and this is going to frustrate the whole flow. God is centered in you. The kingdom of all potentiality is already within you. Positive faith is the key to the kingdom. You don't need to become something different in order to release your imprisoned splendor.”

Eric continues:

“Your need is simply to get your consciousness centered in God. Centered in the realization that the whole universe believes in you. The whole universe is flowing, flowing, flowing into you and through you. Your need is to accept it, to let it happen and to let yourself be directed out of that consciousness in a faith-believing attitude.”

Well, what does that mean? What does it look and feel like to know that "God is centered in me?" And, perhaps more important for us, what kind of church provides an environment where each of us can know and celebrate that "the whole universe believes in me?"

Here is Max Lafser, a Unity minister of 50 years, sharing with us the key to successful ministry. He says, "It's safe to be real." 

Eric Butterworth would add that we can know "it is safe to be real" only if our consciousness is centered in the idea that "we don't need to become something different in order to release our imprisoned splendor."

This advent season, may we come to know that God believes in us. You and I. May we awaken to know the Christ child that is eternally being birthed in us, our imprisoned splendor, our hope of glory.