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It feels like the worst is over

And a new world is ours to face

A reign of illness and isolation

For the entire human race  


The lessons it brought are many

And we are still learning everyday

Trying to get back to a normal life

In a whole new challenging way  


One of the toughest trials it brought

Was to spend time alone at home

With hundreds of restrictions

About where we were allowed to roam  


Perhaps one of my biggest losses

Were those Sunday morning rituals and joys

Getting dressed up for God

And making some musical noise   


I missed those loving handshakes

And especially those gentle hugs

Or maybe even a welcoming smile

That gave my heart a tug  


Though I tried by best to watch livestream

It was just truly never the same

I felt it left me distant and cold

And paralyzed my brain  


Now that we can see the light

I jump out of bed and don my Sunday best

Feeling every single minute

That I have been lovingly touched and blessed  


What a joy to see those amazing folks

And once again hear their sweet voice

As I stand there in that beautiful hall

And just say a prayer and quietly rejoice  


I know there are those people

Who love their comfort at home 

And I certainly respect their choice

If they feel complete in that particular zone  


And though I may be gushing

It’s those simple things that cannot be zoomed

Like the beautiful clothes you are wearing

Or the smell of your particular perfume  


Thank you God and Spirit

For this collection of beautiful souls

And I shall be eternally grateful

For the place in my life that they hold  


Being back together

A blessing beyond compare

And the thing that makes it so extra special

Were those difficult years we had to share  


Stephen Daingerfield Dunn  

author of: Divinely Different – a Tribute to Santa Fe, A Day in the Life of a Raindrop, Bug Dreams, A Little Boy from Nowhere Texas, Christmas with Mr. Dunn, In God‘s Eyes, Can You Possibly Imagine, Designing with Mr. Dunn, The Book of Doe, Animals Anonymous