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A friend of mine named Lynda is somewhat famous for calling upon her guardian angel. 

It seems that a few years ago she need to purchase a gift for a Christmas party she was planning to attend. She needed to go to a certain store to get it. 

The problem was that she had her two little boys with her. You know how little boys can be pretty wild when they are ages two and three. They were quite a handful. When she went shopping it seemed as if she had to pull and drag them around. 

So on this day, she was trying to figure out how she was going to get her shopping done with the kiddos along. It was the holiday season and the stores were crowded. She was not looking forward to having to drive those two little boys through the parking lot and the store. 

While talking to an older friend of hers, she mentioned her predicament. She told her friend, “If I could just find a parking place up near the store, I wouldn’t have to ‘drag‘ those boys so far.” 

Her older friend looked at her and replied, “Well I always ask my guardian angel to get me a parking place. When I ask, my angel tells me right where a go;od place is going to be.” 

Her friend continued, “Just go on to the store and when you get there, picture in your mind where the right place would be. Just see it. Where would the right place be?” 

So my friend Linda loaded up those two boys and went on to the store. As she was pulling into the shopping center, she said that she pictured up in her mind’s eye a parking space right out in front of the store. Then she said, “Angel, could you find that for me? Could you do that for me, please?” 

She didn’t really believe it was going to work, but she drove into that part of the parking lot anyway. When she got closer to the front of the store, she could see a parking spot right where she had asked for it! 

She could hardly believe her eyes. She was delighted. She made a purchase and was in and out of the store before the boys even thought about getting restless. 

Lynda got into the habit of asking her angel to find her parking places. Now this has gotten to be such a common event with Lynda that her friends joke about it. They say, “Oh, let’s Lynda to drive. She always gets a great parking spot.” 

A whimsical thing? Maybe so. Maybe angels have fun, too. 

Billye Jones 

Excerpt from Angel Power, Angel Love. Other books by Billye are The Essence of Loving and Women Pioneers in 12 Step Recovery.