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Scripture: “Love one another as I have loved you” John 15:12

Living in one’s purpose prevents a grave-tending life, watering dead flowers, where we remain stuck in the power of our wounds, in a race to the bottom. Living in one’s purpose is planting seeds in the garden of our dreams, that illuminate places inside us, allowing us to love hard and deep and well. Divine love.

For those of you who know NASCAR racing, I was Jeff Gordon’s first sponsor. The year before he became a Rainbow Warrior, he drove my Baby Ruth 1 car. My introduction to NASCAR was at the Daytona 500. Bill Davis Racing set me up in their RV in the infield where they knew I would be safe, but I managed to escape. I experienced people who could not have been less like me had I ordered them up. And as I ventured through the crowds, my soul got quiet, and I began reading faces which is where people’s stories reside, and I saw the reflection of God’s love in their eyes, and I knew then that I had found yet another home.

I can plant seeds and water my garden when my soul gets quiet. In this quiet the stars shine brighter, the vibration is higher and if one listens intently enough, one can hear the voice of God. It’s a voice that softens yet strengthens, a voice that is yielding yet resolute, that comforts yet motivates. Charles Fillmore wrote: “In quietness and confidence I affirm the drawing power of divine love as my magnet of constantly increasing supply”. As for me, my purpose is to love.

GG Kenney

GG Kenney is a speaker, writer, Purpose leader, and marketing professional. She owns and operates VERGE Marketing designed to support the marketing needs of not-for-profit organizations. GG was born in Japan and is the daughter of a career Air Force Officer/Corporate Manager and a career educator. She is a lifelong dancer, wife, mother and friend. GG earned a B.A. in Economics at Northwestern University. She then attended Purdue University where she earned an MBA in Marketing Management on a Teaching Fellowship, as a course designer and instructor. She also earned a Digital Marketing certification at Southern Methodist University. GG has extensive experience in Brand Management, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Public Relations, Strategic Planning and Customer Relationship Management.  She has held national and local leadership roles in many service and social organizations including organizing and serving on the Board of Dialogue in Diversity in Nashville, TN. She facilitates Courageous Conversation groups on Anti-Racism.