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Those who take time regularly and who give themselves to the necessary prayer and meditation, to get new light and to round out their consciousness and ability to use all their faculties, find that they go from one prosperity to another. They frequently finish with one thing undertaken. This does not mean that they have failed or that they must be without position and resources. It means that they are being offered the next higher step, and that by entering upon the new undertaking or the greater light given in the present place, they are really growing and bringing forth more of the inner spiritual resources.

True prosperity is not making money, or putting out goods, or developing property. It is determining what our own individual soul requires in order to cause it to unfold more and more of God; and then how to harmonize its expression with the needs of our fellow men so that all are really benefited and inspired to unfold and express more of their, inner spiritual resources. The exchange of merchandise and money is merely incidental to this spiritual association and growth. Money success comes as a result; but there are other results that should be sought and rejoiced over even more than the financial returns.

Spiritual poise and the ability to see day by day, just where one is going is one of the greatly to-be-desired results of working with the divine law.

Radiant health and physical freedom and the greater awakening of all the faculties and their physical centers of activity is another more valuable gain than the increase in salary and the promotion to a greater chair in the management’s office.

The feeling that one is doing something to help in the establishment of the kingdom of heaven in the earth is great compensation for the hours of prayer and the effort to swing clear of the old commercial bondage and ways. We are to have whatever we require, yes. But we are making progress toward the time when we shall work at something really constructive, something that reveals God in man and in His world, something that gives us the privilege of deciding for ourselves, under guidance of Spirit, when we are to go and when we are to come. As soon as we are capable of it, the Lord will place us in such a position among our fellows. But before we are given this place, we are to prove that we are ever considering the highest good of our neighbors, and that we have the ability really to discern what it is they need and bring them face to face with it. Spiritual growth, you see, as well as temporal ability and success!

Myrtle Fillmore

Myrtle Fillmore was one of the founders of the Unity movement, which was founded in Kansas City, Missouri in 1889 after Mrs. Fillmore had been cured of her tuberculosis, she believed, by spiritual healing. This resulted in the Fillmores'(both Charles and Myrtle) studying spiritual healing, and being influenced by Emma Curtis Hopkins. This gradually developed into the Unity movement as the Fillmores attempted to share their insights through magazines, books, and pamphlets and through “Silent Unity,” a telephone and mail service that offered people help through prayer and counseling.