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You helped me keep my balance and feel my energy,

And taught us with discipline, the Chinese art of Tai Chi.


So many Saturday mornings starting things off right,

His gentle strength of self-control kept the movements tight.


And so it was with people, the ones to whom George gave,

Something of himself that each of us could save.


No matter what was said or done he offered no judgment,

But puzzled at times by what they believed, would bring them contentment!!!


George knew to look inside and keep his focus there,

And be ready to assist us all with kindness and loving care.    


Thank you, George.

Tony Coward

Tony grew up in Toronto and attended the Royal St. George’s College. He has an Honours Economics degree from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, and the Wharton Certificate of Retirement Planning from the University of Pennsylvania.  He has been recognized for his leadership in numerous industry, civic, and charitable groups. In 2019 he joined the Board of Unity of Dallas and was elected treasurer. 2020 he was elected Treasurer and VP. 2022 he was elected President.