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I cherish those weekly encounters

When we meet once again

And we can lovingly embrace

Knowing we are wonderful friends


A special kind of relationship

Unlike others that I have known before

Each of us knowing in our hearts

That we are both cherished and adored


What a miraculous gift

That we are truly blessed to share

Taking every opportunity, we are given

To show the other one how much we care


Isn’t it so very delightful

Looking forward to seeing your face

Knowing that every Sunday morning

You are going to make my heart race


It is like those days in high school

Where I longed to have a girl

And now here I am with my dream fulfilled

Being the luckiest guy in the world


Life just gets better

With each new beauty that I embrace

And to try to get around to each one

Has hardly ever been the case


With one eye half open

And anticipating the sound of the alarm

I get dressed with speed and enthusiasm

Just so I can be back in your arms!



Stephen Daingerfield Dunn


author of: Divinely Different – a Tribute to Santa Fe, A Day in the Life of a Raindrop,

Bug Dreams, A Little Boy from Nowhere Texas, Christmas with Mr. Dunn, In God‘s Eyes, Can You Possibly Imagine, Designing with Mr. Dunn, The Book of Doe, Animals Anonymous