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Divine Order is the alignment of all aspects of our life according to what is perceived as God’s plan for us…our purpose…our connection with the Universe. The growth and development of our consciousness and the spiritual path of our choosing are dependent on our own thoughts and actions, yet subject to some higher plan and guidance. One of the greatest juggling acts of our life is to find clarity, comfort, and purpose in our divine mission as we seek to navigate the sheer randomness in which we all exist. 

Some things along our life’s path just fall under the broad category of “stuff happens.” Sometimes the stuff we experience is good, other times it is extremely challenging. Finding the Divine Order in our earthy mission requires that we must seek the knowledge and maturity to look at life from a “Big Picture” perspective. The difficult part of developing this mindset is that we often try to steer our lives and conscious action down a road of our own creation. We desire control. We search for our destiny through a random series of trial-and-error engagements that often leave us bruised, battered, and worn. 

The tricky part about Divine Order is that we don’t know what the plan is or how to find it. We are given the mental and emotional tools to work our way along, but then given lessons and knowledge from our life experiences to redirect our path. Divine Order implies that things will eventually unfold as God and the Universe intends, but we must educate and apply ourselves to recalibrate our life GPS along the trip. We will not always recognize or understand why particular things are happening or appearing in our lives at a particular moment. More often than not, it is in retrospect that we realize the Divine Order footprint in our life. 

For Divine Order to unfold in our lives, we must be willing to open ourselves up to direction and evaluation from a higher Divine source. The complexity of this lies in sorting through our thoughts, feelings, and experiences to determine what the plan is. A vast portion of life’s journey is our quest to find our way through the maze of randomness to a place of oneness with God and the Universe. Make no mistake that a life of oneness with God and the Universe requires action on our part. Without the challenge of the search, we will find no answers…no peace…no clarity. 

The mystery and mastery of our life is to find our Divine purpose. To unveil the secrets of that purpose we must work to establish a one on one relationship with God. We can only find that delicate balance through our willingness to trust God and that Divine Order is in play every day in our life. We must be willing to develop and walk our spiritual path while our connection with God’s GPS is strengthened along the way. 

We must strive to be attuned to the directions and clues that God and the Universe send to us. We seek to find our mission in life, but often ignore God’s subtle directions in lieu of our own judgment. There is Divine Order in everything. We just have to commune with God, the Universe and our own consciousness and awareness to hear the directions and discover the depth and breadth of our mission. It is through Divine Order that we can Co-Create with God. 

Our journey would be much simpler if we had just been handed the plan or map at birth. But the strength of our will and the power of our ability to overcome and adjust to life would never develop to its fullest potential. The adventure and beauty in life lies in discovering the plan as we navigate the daily ups and downs. The challenge is to navigate the twists and turns of our often random thoughts and actions. 

Divine Order, like life, is a trip, not a destination. Divine Order is not just laid out to us all at once. Rather, it emerges through time, experiences and shifts in our process to bring us back into spiritual alignment….back on track. 

We will all have moments that cause us to pause, evaluate and reassess our path and our progress towards a closer bond with God. Divine Order also sets its own schedule as well and requires a persistent and consistent effort. Too often we grow impatient with the pace that doesn’t align with our own. 

Many times in life we reach for opportunities, relationships and situations that we deem in alignment with our journey, only to discover later that those particular detours were only lessons in refinement and patience. God and the Universe will provide attention getting moments of redirection if we head off course. It is up to us however, to be attuned to the message and to move through the random noise of life to bring ourselves back to the intended path. 

Personally, I see Divine Order in my own life in the rearview mirror. It is often long after the fact that it dawns upon me as to the lesson that was provided and the instructions for recalibration that were given months or even years earlier. Like many things in life, we only hear things and adjust our direction once we have a clear understanding and a perspective of what the message was. I can see the wake of my path that has led me to where I am in life today and realize that I had to experience some painful things to bring my attention to my need for a closer relationship with God.

Although our days are numbered, God’s time is infinite. God does not seek to micromanage our life, but allows us free will to direct ourselves. Divine Order is simply the best plan and timing to give us the greatest opportunity for success. All things happen for a reason. Not all things in this topsy-turvy world are good, fair or kind, yet they serve a purpose in our spiritual growth and understanding. 

Many of life’s frustrations arise from our attempts to force a different path or outcome from our limited view of life’s random moments. Too often we ask ourselves “why is this happening to me?” The reality lies in answering the question from a reconfigured mindset of “why is this happening for me?” We must be willing to abandon the life of our personal creation to find the one of Divine Order that lies ahead of us. What we deem as random happenings in life are part of God’s plan for Divine Order on our personal path. 

It is vitally important that we train our heart, soul, and consciousness to look deeper into the happenings of the present moment through an optimistic lens into our future. Divine Order is God’s way of presenting us with a never ending array of teachable moments. It is up to us to learn the lessons and to apply our knowledge and increased wisdom to the future. 

The strength of our connection and relationship with God is the most important variable in our quest for a complete and happy life. When we pray and meditate to communicate with God, we are building a stronger connection with the flow of love and understanding in our world and the Universe. When we grow in love and kindness, the Universe is expanded. Our willingness and efforts to serve mankind set an example that, if duplicated exponentially, can change the world. 

We acknowledge that life is larger than what we can see, or hear, or touch and that God has a plan and is in control. The harmony in our life grows as we open ourselves up to God’s plan and God’s timetable. We must trust that the process is unfolding as it was meant to and all is in Divine Order. Nothing in the Universe happens by accident or coincidence. The balance, the timing, the cause and effect are part of Divine Order and process. 

The greater our understanding and acceptance of that concept, the more our life will function with a sense of peace, love, and harmony as intended. Wayne Dyer, famous American self-help and spiritual author shared with us, “In a Universe that’s an intelligent system with a Divine creative force supporting it, there simply can be no accidents. As tough as it is to acknowledge, you had to go through what you went through in order to get where you are today, and the evidence is that you did.” 

 I affirm that I am in the right place, at the right time, right now and all is well. Namaste.

 Fred Clausen 

 Fred’s latest book is The Divine Order of Our Random Life: A Collection of Teachable Moments and Human Observation. He is also the author of The Fork in the Road Leads Home: Reflections From My Life's Journeys...A Collection of Essays and The Essential Elements of Successful Coaching