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“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”. —Khalil Gibran

Within the light of friendship is the sharing of laughter, of love, of joy. Friends are true treasures upon the earth and the friendship we have can grow and expand in an ever-increasing circle of light.

Your brother holds the light that helps light your way, as you hold his light. Friends understand this and seek to understand, console, and uplift each other along our journey, on which we go together. Two are always much stronger than one, and shared interests are always stronger than separate interests.

You may not see a friend for a long time, you may see them each day, you may have a circle of friends on social media, you may think of them—the form of the communication does not matter. All have a purpose and all communication is heard from your brothers.

Today, send a message of light to your friends today, and make new ones along the way. In this light a brilliant, loving, peaceful, and true light will return to you, for all to share. Reach out to someone today that comes to mind, they may be near or far and you may not have spoken with them in a while. Reach out and share you light with them and see the light in the friendship regardless of the past you both have. We all have something we need to share with others, laughter, love, our fears, and our pains. Together we are stronger for together we are one in the Light of Love!

Mark Helm

Mark is the author of Live in One Light, You are Light: 88 ways to Bring More Love and Joy into Your Day, Peace Matters. and Poems and Thoughts of Light, all available at