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With an inward and upward gaze, I rise from human concerns so that I might revel in the indwelling Spirit. I take my place in the seat of prayer, in the radiance of divine light. I hold the high watch for all people, knowing the truth of oneness and wholeness. 

I am one with divine love that li  s the sorrowful and su  ering. I am one with divine life by which they heal. I am one with divine wisdom that beams like a lighthouse, shining light on their path ahead. 


“I pray with an elevated mind and open heart.” 

My eyes of faith have a view of the horizon up here on the mountaintop of awareness. I wait, watchfully. I view the ful  llment of dreams and intentions, for me and for all those with whom I pray, without obstruction and in a state of expectancy. My vision is farreaching as I hold the high watch. I say, “Amen, let it be. And so it is.”