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Many years ago, Paramhansa Yogananda started the tradition of Christmas Meditation, to help spiritual seekers experience the Christ-Consciousness waiting to be awakened within them – and within every soul.
The times associated with the birth or conscious passing of a saint or Master can be very powerful spiritually, as many people around the globe are tuning into their lives and their consciousness at that time.
Coming together with fellow truth seekers in meditation during this time, we more easily experience for ourselves the truth that “the Kingdom of God lies within,” and can consciously draw the blessings of the Great Ones to hasten our own journey toward our highest potential- Oneness with all there is.
“Christ is the joy felt in meditation. Christ is the perception realized in the deepest hours of silence. Clear away all the bars of material desire and let Christ into your heart. Open the portals of devotion and meditate until the Christ child is born within you.” — Paramhansa Yogananda
Join, Al Mahesh, Shabaka Azibo, Genie Johnson, Linda Schoendoeinst, Jim and Christy White for a day full with amazing journey within