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Carol Taylor, one of our members, will be presenting on Reconnective Healing. She says, “Reconnective Healing (RH) is a powerful new healing frequency that was given to us in the 80's in preparation for the coming changes and is scientifically shown to be different from other healing techniques that have become popular. I will explain the science behind this technique.Everyone who has healing session has a healing on some level.  It may be mental, physical or spiritual.  It may not be obvious at first and may take days or weeks to reveal itself.  It may be revealed through health, relationships, jobs, finances or inner peace.  I am very simply a facilitator.  I connect people to the frequency and let source do the rest.” Carol will be allowing us to experience a frequency at our meeting!
Come in person or join by Zoom. You can experience the healing in both places!
In person will be held in Fellowship Hall. We will have our round tables with four to a table, respecting social distance. We encourage masks.
We will NOT be having potluck yet. Coffee and water will be available. 

Come be blessed by your sisters or join us for your first time!  

Everyone is welcome!  

We will, as always, have a visit from Myrtle and our prayer circles.  

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We are a women's support group concentrating on prayer and activities that strengthen our connection to our divine-ness.

Come join us as we learn, pray, sing and listen together on Zoom.

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