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"Explorers" is a gathering of people who come together to explore a series of specific spiritual themes, through group discussion, using Unity books, stories, and The Bible.
All group discussions are based on Unity Truth principles.  

The Law of Praise

"When one can sing praises in the face of adversity, the adversity will soon disappear. That is not a promise; that is a Law. Learn to render praise, to be thankful for the good at hand, and you will have found the magic lamp of Spirit."

We will continue our studies of the Laws this Sunday.

Love offering.


4-part video series with Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett, Unity Minister and award-winning author of “Divine Audacity”, a primer for practical application of the 12 Powers continues March 3 and March 17. Rev. Linda will explore ways we can employ the Powers when faced with BIG life issues. The series will include a message, meditation, and facilitated group discussion.