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Are you trying to grow spiritually? Where do you start?

In this class, you start right where you are today.

What do we do? We pick a book. Our current book is Eric Butterworth's book, The Universe Is Calling.

We read a section aloud and discuss it. "Do you agree with what Singer is saying? Does he make sense? What have been your experiences? What did you learn?"

We listen to our classmates' experiences. Do they have an insight we can use? Have we learned something that might help them? It is amazing the variety of experiences class members have! Can we take advantage of any of those insights?

In other words, our book simply gives us focus. The questions and answers are inside us. Together, with the class, we look for priceless answers.

Everybody is welcome. Come even if you are late. You may have an insight that another member seeks!

Gary Thornberry, LUT, facilitates the class on a Love Offering basis.

Room Location: Hopkins Room