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Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, your path at Unity begins with SEE courses.

Classes may be taken for your own enjoyment or for SEE course credit. Either way, your experiences will enrich your everyday life for the rest of your life.  

Each class is two hours in length with a 15-minute break built in and runs daily, Monday-Friday. All times Central Standard Time.  

Price per class is $65.  

If you wish to apply for S.E.E. credit, you do so through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI).

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METAPHYSICS 3 (10 AM – 11:45 AM CST) Rev. Paul Hasselbeck. Learn how to use consciousness to manifest the best inner experience which is then leveraged to manifest a better outer life. This class is about developing a basic toolkit for living while raising consciousness. From the four functions of consciousness to our 12 Powers, there are many tools for managing our minds and up leveling our consciousness.   

HEALING AND WHOLENESS (10 AM – 11:45 AM CST) Rev. Kelly Isola. This advanced course is based in the spiritual universal principles that support the expression of healing, health and wholeness in students’ minds, bodies and affairs. Students will be working with Myrtle and Charles Fillmore’s interpretation of healing and wholeness, as well as historical and contemporary master teachers. Such principles will be presented to support students in developing a practical understanding of Myrtle and Charles’ theology as heart-centered metaphysicians.  

USING THE TRUTH YOU KNOW (1 PM – 2:45 PM CST) Rev. Paul Hasselbeck. Unity teachings are for empowering ourselves to meet any need. Using the Truth we know assumes we actually know Unity Truth at a deep, specific and useful level. We will explore specific premises (teachings) and PRINCIPLES beyond a theoretical level, why they are important and how to specifically use them.  

OVERVIEW OF CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURES (1 PM – 2:45 PM CST) Rev. Geo Downer & David Drumm, LUT. Overview: Christian Scriptures explores the Gospels, Letters, History (Book of Acts), and Apocalyptic literature, (Book of Revelation) which comprises what is more commonly known as the “New Testament” of the Judeo-Christian Bible. 

Overview: Christian Scriptures is NOT a course in metaphysical Bible interpretation. The course’s primary purpose is to develop an understanding of the meaning of the Christian Scriptures for the people to whom they were written, and an application of that meaning to our lives today. The class is based on the premise that, whatever else the Christian Scriptures may be; they most definitely are the response of early Christian writers to both the person and the message of Jesus Christ. Understanding the Christian Scriptures as a Testament about Jesus Christ rather than a Testament of Jesus Christ frees us to appreciate and become inspired by the powerful faith of the first followers of The Way.   

HARNESSING THE POWER OF PARADOX (3 PM – 4:45 PM CST) Rev. Kelly Isola. “Paradox” is often used to talk about frustrating situations in which traditional problem solving does not seem to work. We encounter paradox in the form of conflicts, resistance to change, fixes that fail and chronic issues we can’t seem to move beyond. A paradox, or polarity, is a pair of opposite, yet interdependent values, that need each other for healing and wholeness in life. Our ability to do “the work that in due season will encircle the earth,” as Charles Fillmore says, depends upon us moving beyond some basic assumptions that have formed our choices, but which may no longer be serving the greater good for our lives. We learn to discern between deeply held beliefs and rigidly held beliefs. Rigidly held beliefs are always louder, leading to separation and sometimes anger, whereas deeply held beliefs serve, heal and are always tempered by the power of love.

In this workshop, we will learn to harness the power of self-identified paradoxes keeping us stuck because we think of them as either/or propositions. Attendees will begin identifying what keeps them stuck, and create strategies and small action steps to enable change with expanded capacities for loving, seeing broader perspectives and living our most Noble Selves.    

METAPHYSICS 4 (3 PM – 4:45 PM CST) Rev. Geo Downer. Expanding on the fundamental beliefs and teachings of Unity, we will learn to apply and express them in life. Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore once wrote, “our objective is to discern the truth in Christianity and prove it.” In this class you’ll explore and experience the Kingdom of Heaven, the creative process, health and prosperity. Explore and apply the fundamental Principles of Spiritual Law to your life for greater love, health, and prosperity. Study prominent Unity writers, and some specific metaphysical and theological views to encourage and awaken awareness and understanding of spiritual Truth. Through practical usage of these principles you will realize your spiritual potential and transform your life! 

“I” OF THE STORM (5 PM – 6:45 PM CST) June Dillinger, LUT. Through discovering true wholeness and authentic being, students will explore the principles of embracing conflict and creating peace from the center of that being. Learn how to truly be the peace in the storms of everyday life. The course is designed to help students function from their heart center, demonstrate Unity principles in times of conflict and complete a 21-day reconciliation process.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS (7:15 PM – 9 PM CST) Rev. James Buchanan & Dr. Jean McGehee. Enrich relationships with family, co-workers, and others through creating more trust, harmony and mutuality. The life-changing principles of Nonviolent Communication are keys to engaging in the crucial conversations of our lives within and beyond our immediate environment. Learn to stay in dialogue when emotions run high. Practice these tools while learning best practices for overcoming communication challenges in everyday situations and in the more difficult conversations required for thriving communities and a world healed.