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If You Can Breathe, You Can Meditate 

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Meditation and Me wants you to experience meditation in all its forms – from Buddhist to Hindu to All-American; from guided to silent, from contemplative to active, there is a meditation style that you can embrace and make your own.

Meditation has proven to be one of the best stress-relievers available. Let’s face it, you experience stress every day, you think negative thoughts every day, and your inner critic shows up daily to talk about your “should ofs”,” could ofs”, and “would ofs.” Taking a break to meditate allows you to release stress, to remember who you are, and to give yourself the gift of peace and stillness.

Maybe you tried meditation in the past and decided that it just wasn’t for you. You didn’t know if you were doing it right (you were!). You were physically uncomfortable (Not necessary, let’s be as comfortable as possible!). You could not stop thinking. (Because you are a human and, when given the opportunity, our minds chatter.)

These classes begin with a 15-20-minute discussion of the meditation style. Then we get physically comfortable, do some breathing exercises, and go inside to practice the style of the month.
Spend a little time before the session and find your ideal place to sit. Make sure your back is well-supported and your feet are flat on the ground. Use rolled towels, pillows, or blankets to support your body. During meditation, your body rests in stillness while your mind travels inward. The meditation styles vary each month.

To find details about the meditation style of the month, go to the event calendar at
Beginners always welcomed!

Event Facilitator Lynne Patterson [text 972-890-1031 with questions]

Love Offering for the Facility: Recommend $5 - $10.