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2021 Theme: Tools for Achieving Inner Peace in a Chaotic World

Each month the Spiritual Growth class studies a Spiritual Power and a Spiritual Practice through readings, journaling and discussion. Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore identified the 12 powers to provide a structure for developing our spiritual nature. By practicing and strengthening these 12 powers, we develop our connection to the Divine. These attributes help us experience a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Month - Power - Spiritual Practice
Jan Faith Journaling
Feb Strength Affirmations
Mar Wisdom Denials
Apr Love Forgiveness
May Power Visioning
Jun Imagination Affirmative Prayer
Jul Understanding Meditation
Aug Will The Sabbath
Sep Order Self-Care
Oct Zeal Self-Reflection
Nov Release The Silence
Dec Life Gratitude

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Suggested offering is $10 (no one turned away)

Event Facilitator: Lynne Patterson
Contact: Lynne at